Lopar is situated on the island of rab, which is a part of kvarner archipelago. It is 110 kilometers far from administrative centre Rijeka, 190 kilometers from Zagreb. It takes ten minutes to get to lopar by ferry-line Jablanac - Mišnjak. You can also use ferry line Valbiska ( on the island of Krk ) - Lopar, which has recently become more interesting to many guests because of nearness to Rijeka and its airport. This especially attractive drive lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Coming by car from direction of rab first thing we see is a sign which reminds us of st. Marin, stone-cutter and founder of republic of San Marino, who was born in lopar in the 4th century. In his honor, hotel settlement and motor camp bear name "San Marino".
Lopar is abundant in beautiful sandy beaches. There are 22 of them, with 3 being -nudist beaches (Ciganka, Sahara and Stolac). The largest and the most famous is "Rajska plaža - Paradise beach" which is 1,5 kilometers long and along which there arethe most important tourist facilities. In 2003 it was decorated with "the blue flag", international symbol of quality and preservation of environment , as well as safety of bathers. 

There are two churches in lopar. The first is parochial church of st.john the baptist patron of lopar parish, which is situated in the very centre of the village and it's open to all its parishioners and their guests. During summer season, holy masses in foreign languages are beingserved.concerts of island's vocal groups ( so called "klape" ) and classical music also take place here.


The other church is votive church of holy virgin mary from 14T century of which local residents are especially proud of. Situated on the hill, in a pine wood near ferry port, it is a target of numerous tourists and pilgrims. The church celebrates its day on 18th september when believers from all over the island, accompanied by many tourists, go on a pilgrimage, celebrating birth of virgin mary. Among people it is also known as "nativity of the virgin mary".